Kanji Tabitha (alias)
Charlotte Hélène d'Orléans
Charlotte of Gallia
Alias Daughter of the Duke of Orléans
Chevalier de Norfatul
Knight of the North Parterre
Age 15
Height 142 cm
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Knight
Queen of Gallia
Weapons Gambling with dice
Seiyuu Yuka Inokuchi
Tabitha (Japanese: タバサ Tabasa, Pronunciation: /təbiθə/) is the niece of Joseph of Gallia. Her real name is Charlotte Hélène d'Orléans (シャーロット Shārotto, Pronunciation: /ʃɑrlət ɛlɛn dɔrlɛan/ or /ʃɑrlət ɛlɛn dɔrlɛã/), and she is the daughter of the late Charles, Duke of Orléans, younger brother of Joseph of Gallia. When the father of Joseph and Charles chose Joseph as his heir, the factions that supported Joseph and Charles, respectively, went into a civil war. Charles died in battle, allowing Joseph to secure the throne of Gallia.

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