• Trigear Family
  • Saito La Valliere Hiraga or known as the Bigboss of Trigear.
  • We are like a Mafia Family here in Facebook
  • We also have a Trigear Otaku-Cafe
  • We Work as a Team

Welcome to Trigear's WikiEdit

Trigear Family, A roleplay group made by Saito La Valliere Hiraga(Bigboss). The group was made on the 5th of January. Supposedly, the people in the group needs to be anti "SOPA" and "PIPA". All of the sudden, the Palmtop Tiger  entered the group and out of the blue, it became a Roleplaying group. She(Palmtop Tiger) asked the bigboss(Saito) to be her brother. He gladly accepted her offer.

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